At Barking Hound Village, every day’s a dog day. Whether walkin’ or waggin’, we are committed to excellent pup care. Part of our bone-afide dog care is keeping you in the loop with topical info for your fur-baby.


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Are Ice Cubes Bad to Give My Dog to Chew?

Are Ice Cubes Bad to Give My Dog to Chew?

Are ice cubes bad for my dog? Is ice bad for dogs? This is a common question, especially in hot areas like Atlanta, where pet owners look for ways to cool their dogs down. But can dogs eat ice...

How to Help Your Teething Puppy

How to Help Your Teething Puppy

Many of us have adopted dogs during the pandemic. Being stuck in the house all day becomes a lot more entertaining when there’s a puppy around! However, puppies are a full-time responsibility and...


Words to Bark By

Generally my dog gets nervous around strangers so I was initially nervous to board him.  Turns out he loves this boarding facility. He has been coming here several times a year for about 3 years with no issues. He comes home and sleeps so I know they have allowed him plenty of playtimes. Their hours are also much more accommodating and the animals don’t seem to be caged for as long as other places I toured. Definitely two thumbs up!

Matthew M.

Lambert Driver member

My Vizsla, Portis, had been going to barking hound for over 13 years. The organization certainly cares about your dog. He was sort of the leader of the pack. Back in the summer, he developed a bleeding cancer and his life was saved because they noticed a change in his behavior and called me. We got proper treatment. It extended his life another 8 months. I will miss him forever, but I’m forever grateful for the extra time I had with my companion! Thank you, Barking Hound.

Benjamin S.

Cheshire Bridge member