Our expert, CPDT-KA certified trainers will lead the way to develop trust
and build a loving relationship between you and your dog.
BHV Training

Certified trainers promoting proven, positive-reinforcement training techniques

What’s the BHV difference? 100% of our lead trainers are CPDT-KA certified (that’s a big deal in the dog training world). It means that they are, well, the best of the best.

Led by certified trainer Michael Litzky, CPDT-KA, BHV Training provides premier dog training services to the metro Atlanta area. Our proven rewards-based training is based on learning theory and applied animal behavior, taking a holistic approach that includes physical exercise and mental stimulation.

We do not use physical punishment methods. All training is pain-free, force-free, and helps build the bond between you and your dog! Areas of instruction include:

 Puppy Essentials
 Potty Training
 Pulling on Leash
 Separation Anxiety
 Resource Guarding
 People Aggression
 Dog Aggression
 General Fear and Anxiety
 Thunderphobia … and more!


Our Training Options


Private Training

An individual training experience comprising of one-on-one training sessions specifically tailored to your needs, addressing any behavior, in the environment of your day-to-day life.

• Click Learn More for Full Options


Group Class Training

Group training at our spacious Marietta training facility, ideal for socializing young puppies, refining the manners of overly-exuberant dogs, and strengthening training and obedience skills in a social setting.

• $250 per course (6 weeks)


Board-and-Train Training

An intensive, hands-on program with our experienced trainer while your dog stays at our esteemed facility for a two-week period, enjoying all of the socialization and play benefits of our normal award-winning boarding service. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to!

• $1,950 for 2-week Board-and-Train

Still not sure which option is best for your pup? Reach out and we will find your happy place.


 NAME: Michael Litzky, CPDT-KA
 TITLE: Director of Dog Training / Head Trainer
 DOGS: Hazel – 8 1/2-year-old Pit Bull/Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle/Other Mix and Bandit – 5 1/2-year-old Staffordshire/Bulldog/Other Mix
 EXPERIENCE: 10 years
 CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA); Certified Professional Canine Behavior and Training Master Instructor; Certified Behavior and Aggression Management Trainer; AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
 FUN FACT: Was an (unhappy) practicing attorney until he brought home Hazel, a 2-month old ball of fur, cuteness, and non-stop energy. She led him into a career that he loves and he has never looked back.


 NAME: Carlee S. Barrett
 TITLE: Trainer
 DOGS: 🐶 Loki – 8-Month Bluetick Hound Mix; 🐶 Lt. Dan – 4-Year Pitbull / Bassett Mix; 🐶 Mocriona – Daschund
 EXPERIENCE:  5 years
 CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Professional Animal Behavior College Vet Assistant 
 FUN FACT: Helping dogs become more zen, has led her to become a balanced human!


 NAME: Bibi Sowers
 TITLE: Trainer & Animal Nutritionist
 DOGS: Rumi – Border Collie
 EXPERIENCE: 2 years
 FUN FACT: She’s just as passionate about house plants as Dog Training!


“Michael Litzky truly exceeded my expectations! Michael has a confident yet caring approach that gained an instant trusting relationship with her. She responded to him IMMEDIATELY!”
Maxx Schube and Paisley

- July 2020

“Wylie loved Michael and was responding to beginning commands in no time! We consider ourselves so lucky to have had Michael guide us through puppy prep and puppy training!”
Lisa Glickman and Wylie

- August 2020

“I highly recommend Michael. He is very communicative, professional, and timely. My Callie is my life and I 110% trust Michael with the training and well-being of my 3-year-old Golden Retriever.”

Helene Marcus and Callie

- September 2020


Why Barking Hound Village?

Proven Training Methods

Our certified trainers have years of experience and are experts at positive reinforcement and rewards-based training.  We rely on modern training techniques grounded in applied animal behavior and learning theory.  At BHV Training, you get proven training methods – backed by experience and research – leading to proven results.

You AND Your Dog Will Love It

We believe dog training should be effective, and also just as strongly that dog training should be FUN!  Your dog will love the many exciting and entertaining training services we offer, and you will love learning from our engaging and experienced trainers, helping strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  We’re not just “dog” people, we’re “people” people too!

What Drives Us

Our Promise

Barking Hound Village’s simple promise is that we will treat your dog the same as we treat our own. You will be confident that we are the best in Atlanta and feel comfortable knowing your fur-baby is treated with the utmost care.