$1,750 for Two Weeks


  • 2-week intensive obedience training program at our facility. Included with EVERY board-and-train:
  • Initial evaluation and meeting with your trainer to ensure your dog is comfortable at the facility and to discuss the training plan.
  • Six days per week of at least one hour of hands-on training.
  • Daily text and email updates on your dog’s progress.
  • A “Go Home” meeting when you pick your dog up where your trainer will review everything your dog has learned and teach you how to perform the training exercises.
  • 2 Private Training sessions (at your home) following the board-and-train to further ensure the training transfers to you and your home environment.
  • Written notes for all training exercises.


  • Cheshire Bridge Location – 1918 Cheshire Bridge Rd., Atlanta, GA 30324
  • Multiple indoor training rooms and outdoor training yards to help generalize your dog’s training to different environments and distraction levels.


  • Our standard training program for dogs with little to no prior training includes proper leash walking, sit, stay with a release word, down, come, drop, leave it, and more!
  • If your dog already has at least basic obedience level training – through a prior BHV Training Board-and-Train, Group Class, or Private Training (or other equivalent training) – you and your trainer will create a training plan that will build on your prior training to increase the difficulty and add new obedience training exercises like heel, waiting at the door, going to a “place” bed, and more!