The BHV Team Is The Best Team!

Hello and welcome to the new BHV team page!  We will use this to communicate upcoming events, past event highlights, and to celebrate how awesome you all are!  Please check back regularly for updates.

Together we will build deep confidence in pet parents that their furry family members are visiting a caring environment that makes for happier dogs.


Round 1 Lauryn Finke

Round 2 Lauryn Finke

Round 3 Mykala Merriweather

Round 4 Cambria Ungaro

Round 5 Kimberly Stump

Round 6 Kimberly Stump


TikTok Battle Royal!

Oh, yes – we have taken our GIF battle and made it more human.  It’s time for you to create your own funny videos on TikTok.

We will post a topic and all you have to do is upload the best video you can relate to that topic. Within the TikTok app, save the video to your phone, then post that video in the thread on Connecteam (instructions will be on Connecteam at launch).

We will have two rounds:

  • Tuesday a.m. and post by Wednesday at noon
  • Thursday a.m. and post by Friday at noon

As always, the person with the most Likes wins the day. Good luck!