Lofts Bonus Tracker | Last Updated: October 14 @ 10:45 AM
Period: 9/19/2021 – 10/16/2021

Barking Hound Village

Be proud of the care you are providing to so many dogs.
It means a lot to a lot of people.  GREAT JOB!

Daycare Dogs

Boarding Dogs

  • Expected Bonus Payout Amount 100% 100%

CHIHUAHUA                                             BEAGLE                                                 LABRADOR                                     GREAT DANE

Rules of the Road:

  1. To be eligible for bonus payouts, team member must have worked with BHV for at least two weeks
  2. Individual payout amounts calculated based on actual hours worked compared to total hours of the store for the 4-week period
  3. If a team member calls out or misses a shift, their hours used for calculation will be reduced by 8 hours
  4. Team member must be employed on date of payout to receive bonus pay
  5. Bonuses will be based on 4-week periods and paid out over 3 weeks