Are you looking for a pup that you can take to Starbucks, to a friend’s house, or to a dog park? This list includes some dog breeds that are friendly with strangers. While every dog has a unique personality, certain breeds tend to be a little more sociable than others. This list can give you an idea of where to start looking for your new companion.


Pembroke & Cardigan – Although these two breeds are unrelated, they share similar names and appearances. Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis are very active dogs with shining personalities. They are extremely social and absolutely love getting out and meeting new people. If you have food, they’re certain to be your new best friend! While they seem small, they’re a medium-sized dog that does require regular exercise to keep them happy – and friendly.

Labrador Retriever

There are many reasons the Labrador retriever has been the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for 29 years. One of them is that this breed is every bit as friendly as it looks. Another dog bred to be a companion, the lovable lab likes nothing more than spending time with people, and it generally gets on well with other dogs, too.


Beagles are a great breed for adults and children alike. Not only do they love hanging out with their owners, they love getting to know strangers as well. They’re a small breed that’s very active and will be sure to keep up with you wherever you go.

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are affectionate dogs with a silly streak. They love to make new friends, and they’re usually up for a play session. They also tend to be adaptable, meaning they’re at ease in many situations. If that isn’t enough, that goofy smile will win your heart. 

Golden Retriever

Another hugely popular dog in the U.S. is the golden retriever, who is arguably just as friendly as its Labrador cousin. The golden is confident, sweet nature and willingness to please makes it a rewarding addition to any family. It’s a breed that manages to maintain its playful puppy nature into adulthood — who can complain about that?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These adorable pups are one of the least active breeds on this list but are a great choice for the family with small children or someone that constantly has visitors of any age running in and out of the front door. Cavaliers are very friendly and affectionate and are sure to please everyone.


For those who enjoy large dogs, Boxers are a great choice as far as friendly breeds go. Boxers might look intimidating, but they’re more likely to give out kisses than anything! They’re extremely friendly dogs and love just about everyone that’s willing to pet and play with them.


These are laid-back dogs, not usually given to extensive barking, digging or chewing. Pugs tend to get along well with other dogs and are sturdy enough to get along with children. They enjoy company and can be quite affectionate. True to their grouping, they are good companion dogs.

Border Collie

A people-pleaser above all else, the border collie always has plenty of affection to dish out. This breed can be a little more reserved around strangers, but as soon as you get to know each other, you’ll feel the love. Plus, it’s super intelligent, so it seems like it knows what you’re thinking. How many of your human friends can claim that skill?

Irish Setter

A huge part of the appeal of the Irish setter is its laid-back, friendly nature. Although plenty of exercise is required to prevent excessive barking, chewing and other undesirable behaviors, this cordial companion could win over anyone with its zest for life.

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