Boarding Policies

1) We offer a long-term boarding discount of 10% off your boarding charge for stays of ten (10) days or more. We require a pre-payment (amount to be determined at check-in) on ALL long-term boards. Please see manager for further details.

2) There is a $4 per day charge when feeding your dog with “house” food (Please check with the facility for brand being used). NOTE: We recommend that you bring in your own food since changing a dog’s food can cause a severe upset stomach.

3) There is a $5 holiday surcharge per dog, per night, for the following dates:

May 24th – May 27th

June 30th – July 4th

August 31st – September 3rd

November 20th – November 24th

December 21st – December 26th

December 28th – January 1st

4) Failure to cancel your boarding reservation at least 48 hours before holiday check-in date, or failure to show up for reservation, will result in charge of 50% of total nights reserved per dog.

5) Boarding charges are as follows:

A boarding charge applies when a dog stays in our facility OVERNIGHT.
Boarding lasts for 24 hours from check-in time.
There is a four (4) hour departure grace period after the dog’s check-in time. After that, a daycare charge is added. EXAMPLE: A dog that checks in on a Monday at 8:00 am and checks out Tuesday at 5:00 pm is charged for ONE night of boarding AND one day of daycare. If the same dog checked out at 10:00 am, then they would only be charged for the ONE night of boarding.

6) Barking Hound Village reserves the right, without notice, to adjust its fees for services. Please inquire at the front desk as to our current fees.

7) Any dog(s) left 48 hours past confirmed check out time without notification and placing a valid credit card on file from the owner(s) will be considered abandonment by the owner(s) and Barking Hound Village will turn the matter over to local animal control authorities.

8) If there are any questions or concerns, please see a manager.