Village Adventures

Wagging our way through Atlanta’s best trails


We’re bringing Tails to the Trails!

Available at North AvenueLambert & Cheshire Bridge. New locations coming soon!


Give your dog the outdoor adventure they deserve with our newly launched Hiking service.  Led by Matt Nagler, BHV’s Enrichment Specialist, Village Adventures provides a unique experience for your pup by taking them on a 60-minute adventure to get their paws off the beaten path!

Real-Time Updates

Our Enrichment Specialist will send real-time photos of your adventurous pup during their time on the trail.

Treats on the Trail

Your dog will love the special treats and water breaks almost as much as they will love the fresh air.

Healthy living

Benefits from being out in nature are hugely important: better sleep, less anxiety, and more relaxed at home.

Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort are top priorities! Our Enrichment Specialist is dog-walking and pet-first-aid certified.

Price: $25

added onto any daycare or boarding reservation

How Does it Work? 

Once you drop off your pup for daycare or boarding, we load them into our famous Bark Bus and take them to the Morningside Nature Preserve for a 60-minute adventure. There are trails, a small beach, and plenty of opportunities for them to be themselves!

After their excursion is complete, the dogs jump back into the Bark Bus and take the short trip back to their home location. We will clean them off and then they are back to hanging with their buddies and bragging about their day!

Want to Learn More?

Contact our Enrichment Specialist Matt Nagler at 404-585-1419 or

Meet Our Enrichment Specialist

 NAME: Matt Nagler
TITLE: Enrichment Specialist
 EXPERIENCE: 4 years with dogs; 7+ years spent in Tucson, Arizona • Worked with the Southwest Conservation Corp maintaining, naturalizing, and building trails for biking / hiking throughout the west coast
 CERTIFICATIONS: Pet First Aid, Dog Walking, Enrichment Specialist
 FUN FACT: Avid soccer player and fan, specifically Arsenal; loyal Braves follower

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does my dog need to be dropped off to go hiking?

On their scheduled hike day, they need to be dropped off by 9 a.m.

How many dogs will be on a hike at one time?

We do not allow more than 3 dogs at a time. This allows us to give plenty of attention to each dog.

Do you require deposits for Village Adventures?

Yes. We take deposits at time of booking due to the limited availability.

Are there any breed restrictions?

Nope! We welcome all breeds.

Are all daycare or boarding dogs allowed to participate?

Yes. To ensure the safety of all our dogs, we do a separate compatibility review for Village Adventures. The review includes a quick call with the owner and an onsite evaluation. During the onsite, our Enrichment Specialist will get to know your dog and make sure it’s a good fit for the service.

Is Hiking offered as a stand-alone service or an add-on service?

This is currently not a stand-alone service, so your pup must be with us for Daycare or Boarding to participate in Village Adventures. 

Will my dog go on different kinds of hikes?

Currently, our hikes take place at Morningside Nature Preserve. Depending on their comfort level and abilities we can spend more time by the water or more on the trail! We plan to add different hikes as we expand the service.

Will my dog be cleaned up upon return?

Your dog will be cleaned off with a towel after the hike. If you wish for a post-hike bath or groom, please let us know at drop-off and we can verify schedule availability.

How are the dogs transported to and from the hike?

They are transported in our famous Bark Bus! The Bark Bus is a customized airport shuttle that has 11 high-density, anchored dog crates.  You’ll love it.

What locations is the service available at?

Hiking is currently offered for pups at our North Avenue, Cheshire Bridge and Lambert Drive locations, but we plan to add new locations soon!

Do you still hike in the rain?

Rain or shine as long as it is not dangerous.

How long are the hikes?

We target a 60 minute experience for the dogs. We do all we can to spend as much time out there as possible!

Does my dog get water or treats during the hike?

Absolutely! We bring water and treats on every hike.

How about ticks?

It’s always important to regularly check for ticks, especially here in Georgia. We do all we can to keep the dogs on the trail to avoid ticks. We also spot-check our furry pals after the hike. However, we can’t guarantee that we’ll catch them every time, so we recommend spot checking your dog when it gets home.