New to Barking Hound? Here’s what you need to know about boarding!

Repeatedly awarded the best place to board your dog by readers of many Atlanta publications every single year, BHV Boarding offers all the benefits of Daycare, including webcams. After a long, enjoyable day of play, your pup will retire to one of our luxurious private suites to get a good night’s sleep.

We offer four types of rooms that will fit your pup’s slumber needs.

STANDARDFor a sociable pup who prefers seeing friends during their stay.

JUNIOR SUITEFor the pup that prefers a bit more privacy during their stay

STANDARD SUITEFor those who need solid walls and lots of legroom during their stay.

PRESIDENTIAL SUITE – For the pup-baby that deserves the most spacious, private area.


Rates vary by location and type of accommodations chosen. Standard boarding starts at $37 per night for one dog. Additional family dogs that stay in the same room are eligible for a multi-pet discount. We also offer a discount on stays of 10 nights+.


Barking Hound Village is a social environment and safety is our top priority, so your dog must be comfortable with other dogs and people. Only spayed and neutered dogs are accepted except for puppies less than 8 months old. Your dog must have updated Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP vaccinations.

All dogs must be at least 4 months old. We want to ensure that all dogs have enough time to develop their immune system before socializing with other dogs.

What do I need to bring when checking my dog for a boarding stay?

We ask that you bring your own food and medication. Please bring enough food to last the entire stay. We also ask that you put each of the dog’s meals in a separate zip lock bag (it makes the feeding a lot easier). We offer House Food for purchase at $4 per dog per day.

If your dog takes medication, please be sure to bring the medication and to inform the front desk how much and when we need to give it.

Feel free to bring your dog’s bed or their favorite blanket!

What to expect when you drop off your pup

We ask that you bring your pup in for a complimentary day of daycare prior to their first overnight stay. We also ask that you make an online profile prior to coming in (see our blog post about daycare here) and upload your pet’s vaccination history. Having all of this info in our system before your arrival will ensure your drop-off is quick and smooth. We will ask you for feeding instructions, if there is any medication to be given, emergency contact info, and if you want your baby to have a bath before you pick them up.

Additional Information

Barking Hound Village’s boarding prices are in 24-hour increments from time of drop-off plus an additional 4 hours on the day of pick-up. If the time exceeds the 4-hour grace period, there is an additional $21 Extended Boarding charge added to the stay.

Here’s an example:
• Drop off at 8 a.m. Thursday, pick up at noon Friday = 28 hours = 1 day of Boarding
• Drop off at 8 a.m. Thursday, pick up at 5 p.m. Friday = 33 hours = 1 day of Boarding plus Extended Boarding charge

If you’re still confused – give us a call, we’re happy to talk through it!

Safety is a priority

Foremost, all pups are split up into groups, with appropriate pals. BHV team members possess unique canine knowledge, including body language, and are skilled in preempting problems and avoiding conflicts among pooches. Also, all Barking Hound Village locations are equipped with webcams; you’re never out of touch with your pup!

Our Promise

Barking Hound Village’s simple promise is that we will treat your dog the same as we treat our own. You will be confident that we are the best in Atlanta and feel comfortable knowing your fur-baby is treated with the utmost care.

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