New to Barking Hound Village? Here’s what you need to know about daycare!

We pride ourselves on being able to cater to nearly all types of dogs – regardless of age, size, and energy level. BHV’s daycare program offers the perfect balance of exercise, socialization and fun! All of our locations have large outdoor play yards, so our dogs can run around play in the fresh air!

We offer three types of play to fit your pup’s needs.

FREE PLAY – For the larger, more active pups who have extra energy to burn. Available at: Buckhead, Decatur, North Ave, Cheshire Bridge, and Marietta.

ROTATION PLAY – The perfect balance of outdoor playtime and rest for dogs that need a more leisurely pace. Available at all locations.

INDOOR PLAY – Because bad weather is not an excuse to slow us down! Available at: Buckhead, Decatur, North Ave, and Marietta.


Rates vary by location but range from $21 – $24 per day for one dog. Multi-pet families receive a discount, with each additional dog as low at $17 per day. We also offer packages that can lower your daily rate to as low as $12 per day. Store-specific rates are available, and you can find the nearest BHV by using this locator tool.


Barking Hound Village is a social environment and safety is our top priority, so your dog must be comfortable with other dogs and people. Only spayed and neutered dogs are accepted except for puppies less than 8 months old. Your dog must have updated Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP vaccinations.

All dogs must be at least 4 months old. We want to ensure that all dogs have enough time to develop their immune system before socializing with other dogs.

What to expect on your first day (which is FREE!)

We ask that you make an online profile prior to coming in. We also encourage you to upload a copy of your pet’s vaccination history to your online profile. Having all this info in our system before your arrival will ensure your drop-off is quick and smooth. One of our handlers will take your pup to the yard for a potty break before being introduced to the pack. Your pet will have full run of the yard for a bit then we introduce friends one at a time until the whole group is in the yard. Our webcams are the perfect way for you to watch your baby play the day away! 

As our friends at Atlanta Humane Society say, dogs NEED socialization for so many important reasons, and you can read more about that HERE.

Safety is a priority

Foremost, all pups are split up into groups, with appropriate pals. BHV team members possess unique canine knowledge, including body language, and are skilled in preempting problems and avoiding conflicts among pooches. Also, as we mentioned earlier all Barking Hound Village locations are equipped with webcams; you’re never out of touch with your pup!

Our Promise

Barking Hound Village’s simple promise is that we will treat your dog the same as we treat our own. You will be confident that we are the best in Atlanta and feel comfortable knowing your fur-baby is treated with the utmost care.

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