Barking Hound Village Customer Testimonials

Dogs and their parents talk about Barking Hound Village

It’s one thing for us to talk about what we do for Atlanta dogs and their parents, but it’s another for you to hear it directly from our parents and their dogs. Many of our customers started with us as puppies and come to us today as seniors. Their loyalty and our ability to meet their needs shows in their words, as well as their actions; their referrals and the awards we’ve been given over the years mean so much to us.

Here you’ll find a smattering of feedback. Looking to give us some feedback? We’d love to hear it, so please contact us .

Alison Cleveland

After moving back to Atlanta from New York, #1 on my list was to finally get a dog! I adopted Charlie from the Atlanta Humane Society and quickly realized I needed somewhere safe, reliable, and fun for her to spend her days while I was at work.

I did a fair amount of due-diligence and thanks to the reviews and ideal location, I tried out Barking Hound Village. What a lucky break – I have never wanted nor needed to go anywhere else. I can't count the number of times that Barking Hound has gone above and beyond for (my now multiple) dogs and I – from recommending an amazing training program for Charlie, to helping me try to fix my car when it died in the parking lot, their "customer service" is more like having a group of good friends who happen to take care of your dog. I would trust Scott and the gang with any member of my family, paws and feet alike.

Dennis Dean

Founder, David York, and I are good friends and I was one of Barking Hound Village’s first clients. The biggest perk is the comfort of knowing that when I am at work or on vacation, my four-legged children are in good hands. I have always found it interesting to watch my dogs interact with other dogs and see who they make friends with. A positive experience is always getting to catch up with old friends- human or four-legged.

I always highly recommend Barking Hound Village to all of my friends, especially those with new dogs. It helps to socialize them with various breeds and sizes of dogs.

Cynthia Fenton & Hattie

I first found BHV when I rescued my first dog, Jack Daniel. I found them through an Internet search, but once I called and heard how dedicated they were to the dogs, I knew that's where we'd be going. Hattie, my second rescue, also loves BHV.

Hattie most enjoys socializing with the other dogs; but also loves the one-on-one attention she gets from her BHV people friends. In the hot months she LOVES swimming in the pool.

Hattie is a puppy mill rescue, so she's needed a lot of time and patience as she's learned to trust people. The staff at BHV has been great in assisting Hattie on her journey. In the last few months, she's become much more social and will even greet strangers now – in her own way. She's still considered standoff-ish by some, but a little sniff from Hattie is a BIG hello. When I first rescued her, she would just run and hide from people.

I tell my neighbors and friends about BHV. You just can't beat the care. The staff is always friendly and they truly care for the furkids!

Ann Parker

I first learned about Barking Hound Village from my daughter, who is a regular customer. We both like the people best, as they are kind, caring and have fun with the owners and pets. They really have become a part of our extended family.

When Sam started going to BHV for daycare, he was incapable of trusting human beings. He was a 4-year-old rescue from a puppy mill and had not bonded with me or anyone else. After about three months he allowed the folks at BHV to pet him; then he started jumping up next to them on the outside bench to sun himself; and finally inched his way onto a lap. Well the rest is history. He is now a huge fan of people and is the “little mayor” of my condo building!

I would recommend BHV to everyone who wanted his/her dog well cared for and loved, whether for the day or for a month. These folks are wonderful!

Melissa Bennett & Kahlo

I first discovered BHV Lofts when they opened around the corner from me in the Old Fourth Ward. At that time I had two other dogs and together with Kahlo they were quite a handful. Big personalities combined with lots of energy! I like that BHV took the time to get to know each dog and their quirks before they came to board. Now that Buddy and Cooter have passed, Kahlo is a bit lonely sometimes, but she always seems to enjoy coming to see Brooks and the gang. It is like the bar "Cheers" for dogs...everybody knows her name. I have recommended BHV many times to friends and they have all had great experiences.

The Ziebell Family

We first discovered BHV when we moved to Atlanta in 2004. After reading some rave reviews online, we decided to board our dog, Bailey the Cockapoo, at the Lofts when we went out of town. We switched to the Inn when we moved across town, and we've been going there ever since.

The BHV crew always took wonderful care of Bailey, even when she was really old and crotchety (and deaf)! Shortly after sweet Bailey passed away in late 2010, we adopted Olive the Shihpoo. The transition from a laidback, 15 year-old dog to an energetic, 5 month-old puppy was quite a shock—especially since Olive showed signs of severe separation anxiety.

Doggie daycare at the Inn has been the perfect solution, not just for separation issues, but also socialization (with both people and pups) and expending some of that seemingly limitless puppy energy. The entire Ziebell pack just loves BHV!

The Mitchell Family

The Mitchell family was living in Virginia Highlands around 2002 and needed a place for their two Vizsla puppies, Ollie and Roo, to play during the day; and some friends recommended BHV Lofts. They started taking their dogs there every day and did so until moving to Buckhead in 2007. The Mitchells like BHV Lofts so much that they still drive Ollie and Roo across town occasionally for Athletic Club.

“The dogs love Athletic Club. They come home completely exhausted. We really like the extra effort that Brooks and the other employees make to assure us that our dogs are safe and happy while at BHV.”

Mr. Mitchell goes on to explain that their female pup, Roo “when not at BHV, is especially skittish around other dogs. Over the years, Brooks is sure to give me updates on how she is doing. It is very nice to have someone like him who has been with us since the beginning and knows Ollie and Roo's personalities as well as his own dogs!”

Mr. Mitchell endorses Barking Hound Village by saying, “Absolutely give it a try! We haven't, and wouldn't, take our dogs anywhere else!”

Carole Wingrove & Tango

I discovered Barking Hound when I adopted Tango from Atlanta Pet Rescue which used to be next door on 14th Street. Tango was 3 and I was his 4th home so he had huge abandonment issues and separation anxiety. I very quickly became aware that he could not be left on his own, so I contacted BHV Westside, who offered for him to come in to play for the day to see how he got on. He loved it! He's been coming now for over 3 years, 5 days a week.

We couldn't manage without the team at Barking Hound, the staff there is amazing; all so friendly -- it's so clear how much they love the dogs and their jobs. For me it's peace of mind; I know he's safe and in great hands. Tango loves Barbara the groomer too; he hates being groomed (or even brushed), so it’s really fun to see how he acts when she comes out to greet him; he sits down and behaves immediately as if to try to get out of being taken to the tub!

Tango has become a better dog through socializing each day. He still has his anxiety, but is such a happy dog. I have and will continue to recommend Barking Hound. Scott and his team are the best!

Liz Davis & Cassie

When I first moved to Atlanta, before I even looked at the first house, I went around town to “screen” doggy daycares that my dog Cassie would attend. Luckily for me, not only was Barking Hound Village extremely close to my office, it was also the one I was most impressed with. The people made the difference.

They quickly realized that Cassie was deaf and learned the hand signals that she knew while going out of their way to make sure she was comfortable. I became friends with many people on the team and they were a part of our extended family. Cassie spent a LOT of time at BHV – every single week day and LOTS of boarding while I traveled for business – and although I always missed her, I never worried about her because I knew she was in good hands. I knew she was with people who had taken the time to get to know her, her personality and her quirks; and had grown to love her. THAT, to me, is what I look for when I have to entrust my dog to someone else.

Sadly, Cassie passed away a few months ago after a bout with cancer and I miss seeing them every day. From the first time we visited and I got Cassie’s “report card” to the beautiful sympathy card I received, signed by everyone, BHV employees were a huge part of my life with Cassie. If and when I get another dog, BHV will be my second stop after the veterinarian!

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