Dog Care in Atlanta

We care for them as much as you do!

We understand the special, unique relationship you have with your dog; we’re all dog owners and pet lovers. Our years of experience, delivered by our caring, passionate and highly trained employees, allows us to offer the following dog care services to Atlanta dogs and their parents:

  • Doggie Daycare:When you come home tired from a long day at work, your dog will be tired too, from a full day of play.
  • Dog Boarding:During the day, your best friend will experience all the benefits of our daycare services, and he’ll have access to a comfy, private suite sleep or standard boarding space overnight.
  • Grooming:Full-service grooming is available at each location, including  baths and touch-ups, and full grooms are available from one of our long-time, experienced groomers
  • Food and Supplies:We carry a wide selection of premium dog food and treats, and you can always special order the brand of your choice.

Our prices include just about everything, so you and your dog get more bark, fun and play for your dollar. We administer your dog’s shots and medications; plus we care for senior dogs at no additional charge. Love, attention to detail and a scratch behind the ear are always free! 

The “little extras” are plentiful for dogs and their parents at Barking Hound Village. The dog treat jar is always full and parents can grab a free cup of coffee any of our locations . Whether you need dog daycare in Atlanta, pet boarding or just an afternoon spa experience for your dog, we offer a broad range of services to fit the needs of your best friend.  Please contact us with questions about any of our services. 
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