Atlanta Dog Grooming Services

More like a day at the spa - but for your dog!

Would your dog win a “dirty dog contest”? Did he decide the mud at the park would be great to roll in? Maybe she frolicked all day with her best buds and you really don’t want to bring her in the house. Or maybe, he just needs a nail trim and won’t let you do it. 

Our groomers  offer haircuts, baths, nail trims and teeth cleanings, as well as the ever-popular, but you’d rather not do it, anal gland expression. Prices are based on:

  • Breed
  • Size of dog
  • Length of hair
  • Condition of hair
  • Time required

The most sophisticated canines in Atlanta come to us for grooming, but also to socialize, primp and be pampered. And apparently our dogs and their parents think our dog grooming services are worthy of 5 paws, because we’ve received the Best Pet Spa award.

Grooming is available at all of our locations. Meet our Groomers , and contact their specific store to schedule an appointment. 

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