Doggie Daycare in Atlanta

Barking Hound Village: Life is better than good, it’s great!

Always checking your watch to see how long your dog has been alone? Dogs are highly social; and they love being with other animals. When left alone, some get bored and even anxious, which can lead to gnawing on the furniture, peeing on the carpet, chewing your favorite shoes and other not-so-fun activities.

Let us eliminate the worry and give you peace of mind, with some of the best dog day care services Atlanta has to offer (as you can see by the recognition we've received year after year by the Atlanta dog community).

From morning till night, we lavish your dog with affection and personal attention, as he enjoys playgroups or free play in our full service, daycare kennel. BHV dogs have their choice of activities, from running in our play yards (lined with gravel, making them cooler and more sanitary for paws than dirt or concrete), exploring indoors, taking a dip in the pool in the heat of the summer, or simply stretching out in the shade.

Leave your dog at BHV and rest easy knowing that he or she is having fun with friends and family. All of our locations have webcams and feature our exclusive snout cams you can check on your best friend throughout the day. Plus we post pictures daily from each location on our Facebook page .

Visit our Locations page to find the one that’s best for you and your dog.  Then contact us with any questions about our doggie day care services.

A few things to remember about bringing your dog to BHV:

  • We love dogs of all shapes, breeds, sizes and ages. But, only non-aggressive, spayed and neutered dogs are accepted at our locations. We can only accept unaltered pups eight months younger.
  • Play groups at each location are based on size, age, and temperament.
  • We require up-to-date vaccination records for rabies, DHLPP and bordetella (kennel cough).
  • Visit each location's page for daycare rate information.
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